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Aircraft, parts, tools, electrical and electronic equipment. Located at Cal-Nev-Ari, Nevada.

To purchase or make an offer please email: cc@bush-air.com 1 928 460 3987

Aircraft for sale:    
Aircraft parts:
Continental O-300 engine casing. Good rebuildable condition. $500
Continental O-300 Starter motor. Needs overhaul $100
Continental O-300 / C145 Starter motor. Pull start. Working condition, Needs new brushes. $200
Continental O-300 Oil dip stick $50
Continental O-200/ O-300 NEW Pistons. 6x TCM 0-300-STD. Brand New Unused. Standard size. No rings. (New ones cost over $200ea) $900 for the set.
Continental O-300 Pistons. 9.5:1 High compression. set of 6. new. $1100
Continental 0-200 / 0-300 Pistons. 7:1 standard compression. P15. Many in stock. All serviceable. $50 each.
Continental O-300 Camshaft $500
Continental O-300 Camshaft gears $150
Continental O-300 Crankshaft gears $100
Continental O-300 Tacometer drive housing $30
Continental O-300 Accessory cases 530007 $150
Continental O-200 / O-300 Con rods. $50 each
Continental O-300 Push rods $25 each
Continental O-300 Push rod housing flanges $20 each
Continental O-300 Induction assembly. Complete set $250
Continental O-300 Intake elbows $25 each
Continental O-300 Sumps. $300
Continental O-300 starter adapter 627845 $200
Continental C-145 engine exhaust mufflers $250
Continental O-300 Exhaust stacks $35 each
Continental O-300 Airbox $100
Continental O-300 Oil screens $25 each
Continental O-300 Valves $10 each

Continental O-300 Valve springs

$10 each
Continental O-300 Rockers $25 each
Continental O-300 Rocker shafts $25 each
Continental O-300 Rocker covers $20 each
Continental O--200 / O-300 Rocker cover gasket sets. Brand New. $5 each
Continental O-300 engine mounts $250 each
Magneto coil. Bendix 10-357164 $100
Magneto condensers. M-3064 for Slick 664 mag. Working and serviceable. $100 each.
Assorted HT cables $20 each
Marvell Swebler Carburettor . MA3-SPA. Very good condition. $600
Propeller. McCauley. For Continental 0-300-A engine (C170-A/B / C172-A). IA170 DM7651 Met-L-Prop. In very good servicable condition with log book. $1500
Propeller Constant Speed Unit (CSU) for C180/182 0-470 engine. ATA210760L Serviceable condition. $350

Delco Remy Generator. good condtition.

Also have others in repairable condition or as well as spares.



Regulator- Delco Remy. For Generators. $50
Ring gear & fly wheel for Lycoming engines. 148 teeth. PN:76628 $450

Spark Plugs: Champion. Used. REM38 / REM 40 /. RHB37E. Many to choose from.

$5 - $10 each
Spark Plugs: Unison URHV40E $10 each
Tires: Many sizes. 4:x4, 5:00x4, 500x5, 515x6, 600x6, 700x6, 800x6, 850x6, 850x10, 29x10. Different conditions of wear. From $25 each
Wheels Cleveland 6" $300 each.
Nose wheel. Cessna. Cleveland. 5x5. Fits - C150 / C172 / C175 / C182 / C210. Complete wheel and tire inflated. Good condition. $350
5:00 x 4" wheel for ultralight aircraft. Complete wheel and tire inflated. $50
Cleveland 6' wheel hub caps x2 $30 for set.
Miscellaneous items:
3 x 5W Argon and Krypton ion Lasers and power supplies. 1x Spectra Physics 171 Argon, tube still holding Ar gas, 1x Coherent I-70 Argon, tube was in working condition. 1x Coherent model 52 Krypton, condition unknown. All PSU's need repair. Sold "AS IS". No guarantees. $3000
Laser Show Effects Projector with G120 scanners. PLUS lots of spares and cables etc (scanners, actuators, galvonometers. mirrors, filters etc.) Old PM software and PC. The lot! $500
3phz 220v portable high pressure water pumping and supply station. 4 outlets with pressure gauges and filter. Motor can be rewired for single phz / 110vac. $300
3phz heavy duty 4 core + Earth 50Amp trailing cables with 63A (E+N+LLL) male & female connectors. 1x 50m. 1x 25m. 1x 5m pig tail. Total = 265ft / 80m. Bargain!! $900