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Shortly after I posting this on the internet and social media, Flying Frontiers quickly changed their website content. However fortunately I had already taken screen shots before they removed the original content. Due to more info that I have recieved I have decided to continue to persue this issue.

I am willing to offer a reward to anyone with any info leading to a successful court case!
Milne "CC" Pocock. Owner of Bush Air. Email / 1-928-460-3987

PLAGIARISM / COPYRIGHT THEFT from the Bush Air website and the "Bush and Mountain Flying" handbook by author - Milne "CC" Pocock.

Below are screen shots and links to two web pages. One is from my own web site, Bush Air, established 20 years ago when I started Bush Air and my Advanced Bush and Mountain Flying Courses in South Africa. I also published the "Bush & Mountain Flying" handbook back in 2009.

The other web page is Flying Frontiers “Bush Pilot Academy” in South Africa. It was established fairly recently, only about 2 years ago and owned by Craig Lang.

Go to my website (Bush Air) then click on the Advanced Flight Training page then scroll down and carefully read the description of my "Bush & Mountain Flying Courses". Then go to the web page of Flying frontiers and again very carefully read the description of their "Advanced Bush Flying Course".

In addition, those of you that have read any edition of my “Bush & Mountain Flying” Handbook, may also notice a similarity to its contents. Those of you that have not read my book can click here for a preview of the contents: bush-air.com/Bush_and_mountain_flying_3rd_edition_re…

Now, after you have read all this content on both websites and my book, you decide if there is any possibility of copyright or intellectual property theft by Flying Frontiers!

Here are the screen shots of the web pages.
Here are links to the actual web pages: http://bush-air.com/school.htm http://flyingfrontiers.com/bush-pilot-academy/
Here are some more screen shots from the Flying Frontiers website
Learn to fly like "A real Alaskan Bush Pilot" IN AFRICA? Seriously? Well in that case I guess all my students in Alaska attending my advanced bush flying courses should rather go to Africa if they want to be "Real Alaskan Bush Pilots". Have any of these guys ever flown in the Alaska or even the backcountry of the western United States?

There is no doubt in my mind that the persons involved in this so called “bush pilot academy” are using copyrighted material from my book (as well as other authors) and my website and using it as their own material to make themselves look like qualified, experienced and knowledgeable bush pilots and instructors!

After I moved permanently to the USA, all of a sudden this new light sport flight school called “Flying Frontiers – bush pilot academy” in South Africa, started advertising “Advanced Bush Flying Courses”.

This obviously got my attention. So when I looked into it the description and contents of the course was identical (coincidence?) to my courses that I have been running for almost 20 years and in addition the contents were also identical to that described in my book!

So after looking up the “chief bush pilot instructor” of this flight school, I discovered that his name is Ian Waghorn and basically just a kid fresh out of flight school himself. And then on top of it all, I discover that they claimed he “created” the “Advanced Bush Flying Course”. Oh yeah really!? With what past experience? So then I though to myself WTF does this kid know about “advanced bush flying” and especially how / where did he manage to obtain the vast knowledge and years of experience necessary to design such a complex and highly advanced syllabus?

Was he perhaps born with many years of bush and mountain flying experience? Because I was not aware that Progress Flight Academy (where he learned to fly) were teaching “Bush Flying”!

IT IS NOT POSSIBLE with only a few years and hours of basic flying experience to all of a sudden over night create such an advanced flight training program out of your own head and limited personal flying experience!!! Whatever course they are offering could at the very best only be basic level (if that) but definitely not advanced.

In addition to all this, they are holding out to paying customers seemingly mainly from Europe who don't know the difference.

So therefore just maybe the "Chief Flight Instructor" and the owner of Flying Frontiers, simply used copyrighted material from my book and website and very possibly also got information from someone who had attended one of my courses in the past to make it look like he / they masterminded and created all the advanced techniques, procedures, course layout and syllabus overnight, just amazingly coincidental to what took me nearly 20 years to perfect!

I am willing to offer a reward to anyone with any info leading to a successful court case !

Milne "CC" Pocock.
Owner of Bush Air.
Creator and pioneer of the original Advanced Bush & Mountain Flying Course and author of the "Bush and Mountain Flying" handbook.
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